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We (Ministy Of Universities/University) advise on further education and training options to school-leavers, young adults and mature students. We represent different universities, with our professional experience we greatly increase your chances of admission in a European university. With us, your chances are much higher than if you were to send an application by your own. In fact, we pay great attention to completing your registration application, to ensure that you are admitted swiftly.

First, we assess of your qualifications and your pre-academical achievements. Based on this, we suggest where you have the best chance of being accepted to study. If you\rquote re applying from a country outside of the EU, we will also consider the criteria of obtaining a study visa. If we think that we can help with your application, and you are in agreeance with our terms and conditions, we will email you our contract to sign and return to us. After you have signed the contract, full information package is given to you and we organize your application.

We have two different services

Basic (application + letter of acceptance) or Premium (Basic service + enrolment + local support).

Your application for study in Georgia in Europe:

  1. Once you have contacted us, and after our first assessment, we will help you find the most suitable university for you.
  2. We will send you a draft of the contract and if you agree with our conditions, we will be happy to sign it and start representing you during the application process. You choose one of our services, Basic or Premium.
  3. After signing the contract, we will give you a complete and updated list of the various documents that you\rquote ll need to prepare for your application.
  4. At the same time we will send you the first invoice for our processing fee of $1,500. We need these in order to pay for the translation and legalization.
  5. Once we\rquote ve received your documents, we will check them with the university and we will make sure that everything is complete and correct.
  6. Your application is then carefully prepared by us and sent to the respective university and the corresponding Ministry of Education. Ministry of Univerity guarantees that your application documents arrive quickly and correctly to the relevant authorities.
  7. We will inform you immediately if you have been accepted by the university and we will organise the letter of acceptance for you.
  8. Only if you have been accepted will we send you an invoice with the rest of the payment (excluding the previously paid $1,500).
After this point, if you choose the Premium Service, we will organize the local services in Georgia. For details, please see the list below:

Basic Service:

  • We advise you and help you to find the right university
  • We put your application together
  • We help you by writing an individual cover letter
  • We assist you along the application process and by preparation for entrance exam (if any are required).
  • We pay on your behalf the registration fee at the respective universities
  • We organize the translations and legalization abroad; you only send us the certified
  • Copies of the necessary documents (the costs are included in the first invoice)
  • We register your application at the respective university
  • We take care of the application process for you and make sure that your application
  • Arrives safe and quickly at the relevant authorities
  • We provide you important information about the study, university and country
  • We will inform you in advance about travel and accommodation expenses
  • We advise you for your travel preparations
  • Free telephone consultation.
  • $3500 excluding previously paid $1500

Premium Service:

Premium includes all Basic services, plus the complete local services through our local representatives. Our selected representatives are always available with help and advise you. Our representatives will organize the following for you:

  • Airport pickup
  • Reservation at a hotel / motel for the first days
  • University and city tour and presentation
  • Enrolment at the University
  • Assistance by finding a suitable accommodation
  • Assistance with relocation preparations
  • Registration with the local authorities
  • Advice on health insurance and other insurances
  • Assistance with opening a bank account
  • Assistance with choosing a provider for internet, phone, TV
  • Free prepaid mobile card
  • Free telephone consultation for as long as you\rquote re enrolled
  • $4500 less $1500

List of the tuition fees and the price* for our Basic Service or Premium Service:

The tuition fees are set by the respective university and can change from year to year. The prices shown in the list are taken from the websites of the universities and are sometimes available in the respective national currency, or in US dollars. Our tuition prices (in USD) are approximate and subject to fluctuations in exchange rates. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the tuition fees of the universities.

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