2019 Estimation by Ministry Of University

In this article, we will tell you how much it costs to have a convenient moderate life in Georgia. You will know the estimated cost of living in Georgia after reading this post. Please, take note also that this article is focused on helping International students who are planning to come to Georgia for studies too. Now let’s get into it.



A ticket for public transport vehicles (Bus and Metro) costs 0.50gel ($0.20) for everyone. However, students with \ldblquote students cards\rdblquote pay only 0.20gel ($0.09) for a ticket. Each ticket is valid for 1.30hr. Within the 1.30hr validity frame, a ticket holder can enter any public vehicle for FREE with the ticket card. Yandex and Taxify exist in major Georgian cities for everyone who prefers to use taxi. Taxis charge about 5Gel($2) for a 7km journey. And cars are affordable for those who prefer to purchase a vehicle while studying in Georgia.

Tuition Fees

The average tuition fees of MBBS (Medicine) program in Georgia is $6,000 per academic year.

Monthly Rent

We recommend students to budget $300 \f1\endash $500 per month for accommodation in Tbilisi city centre. And $200 \endash $350 for accommodation outside Tbilisi.


1kg Beef \endash 16gel($6.5), 1kg Potato -1.40gel($0.60), Bread 1gel ($0.40)\f0\lang2057 and if you like to eat out in resturants, food is cheap.

Shoe and Clothes

Student Cards (Students get discounts and sales offers occasionally using this card).


Monthly Utilities

The Average cost of utility bills in Georgia for International students during in the warm season is $50 (120Gel). And $100 (240Gel) in Winter.
Optic Internet 30MB- (Same in Winter)
Water, Light and Sanitation (Same in Winter)
Gas (130Gel in Winter)
This prices can be higher or lower depending on the diligent/extravagant habit of the student.

Leisure and Fun

Many of the tourist attraction in Georgia are free for access. However some require visitors to pay an entrance fee.

Students enjoy discounts on entrance fee to access some of the tourist attraction in Georgia.


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