Our History

Ministry of University was established a dedace ago in London, United Kingdom, to help thousands of young school leavers and young adults in securing a university place to study MBBS Medicine MD, in Europe because United Kingdom does not have enough places to accommodate all medical students.

Our English members of staff have had dedaces of experience in placing students in many universities within United Kingdom and indeed internationally.

Ministry of Univerties is trusted and reputable company operating from United Kingdom and Georgia Europe.

Our offices are based in both Georgia Europe and United Kingdom. Ministry of Universities recruits students from New York and rest of U.S.A., The whole of European Union, Asia-mainly India, Middle East, Africa-Nigeria and all English speaking African countries and the rest of the world.

Ministry of Universities supports all health students from the beginning of their journey to study MBBS Medicine MD up until you are a fully qualified doctor with work placements internationally too.

You are now in the safe hands of pure professionalism, and no nonsense. Fast respondance.


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